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Step 2: Apply to work for a candidate you’re passionate about.

Step 3: Stop Volunteering and get paid to work full time and master voter contact/field campaigning.

Step 4: Become a senior staffer running your own campaign/field operation.


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What Our Campaigners Say

Liz S.

“Working on a campaign is a ton of hard work – but you build a family through it. I am still close with everybody I worked with and we regularly point each other towards new professional opportunities.”

Don W.

“You get paid to work with good people advancing a message you care about. You make connections. You get to travel. You have fun. What’s not to like?”

Jack M.

“It doesn’t take a Super PAC to make an impact in politics. I am a 20 year old college student and I can turn an election in my party’s favor by working on a campaign.”

Jonathan L.

“Working on a campaign has been the best catalyst for my career. I left my dead end job and have been a part of so many tremendous fights for candidates worth supporting.”